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Photo by Athena Pictures/Getty Images

Photo by Athena Pictures/Getty Images

We are back to the exciting, thrilling, intriguing and intense Premier League action. Definitely, competition for places in squads will be fierce and the battle for league positions will be tighter. More expediently, the need to steady Chelsea’s form and sustain team momentum will be high on the agenda of managers. Managerial rivalry will be a much-talked about theme with cagey rivals Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho, as they faceoff once again as Manchester United host Arsenal in a mouthwatering clash. Other weekend headliners are: Will Liverpool continue in their red-hot form? Can Pep’s Manchester City team dazzle once again? Will Pochettino’s Tottenham show their spurs? Can Antonio Conte’s Chelsea sustain their momentum? Let’s look at three ways he can get the team to do so.



As the season continues to tick away by seconds so are the opportunities to be the top spot team. The need to build and sustain momentum will be key in the long haul of games left to play this season. A key to amassing valuable points to meet our set target will be Conte’s tactical flexibility. How do we overturn teams that decide to play against us with a defensive game plan or that choose to adopt a similar tactical system like ours. More so, what tactical system do we adopt when on the losing end in games. In summary, how do we turn draws and defeats in games into wins? That’s a puzzle Conte must solve to make Chelsea great till the end.



A trait of Champions is the ability to overcome mental weakness by showing the fortitude to bear ugly situations, break limits and deliver positive results despite all thrown at them. They refuse to throw in the towel, give up or give in to setbacks. They are able to grind out results even when the chips are down. Even when they look dead and gone, written off and out of form, they silence their critics and upset the odds. Conte must build Chelsea to be tough mentally and in all capacities. Conte’s motivational skill is essential to build a team will appear strong even when they are weak. Arguably, the truth is we can’t win all games, enjoy top form all season or look formidable in the long run, but our mental edge can make a difference in our season in our quest for glory.



A manager’s credibility is tested when he is able to provide answers to daunting tactical questions to his team shape and style. It’s simple, what would Conte’s approach be when injuries, loss of form and lack of motivation to key players strike the team. The need to have peerless excellent backup players that can make a difference when they are called upon will be vital to our season. Hopefully, his approach will deliver results.


We are pride of London. We need to raise the bar and sustain our momentum or get caught ice cold.


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