Photo: Reuters/Philip Brown

Photo: Reuters/Philip Brown

Chelsea legend, Frank Lampard announced he would be leaving New York city FC, after his contract with the club expired, and as is normal in the world of football, rumors are already rife as per what his next destination or move would be, with some saying he may return to Chelsea, a club where he spent most of his senior playing career, and leads the all time scorers chart. Chelsea are said to be keen on bringing the legend home, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Frankie is arguably the greatest ever midfielder in Europe, and although he’s 38 his value is still very much high. Ever since his departure from Chelsea, we have not had his type in our team, in fact, England hasn’t. He is a very experienced player who can bring so much to the table.

If Frankie were to actually return, it wouldn’t be as a player, but in a more mature and coaching capacity role.He would be given a role in the coaching department, and tasked with helping develop upcoming talent in the club.

This is something I think Chelsea really need. Lampard’s history and experience as one of the best ever in the game can be used towards nurturing our upcoming talent, especially in midfield. The likes of Loftus Cheek, who have plenty potential, and is already being hailed as the ‘next Lampard’ can go on to be as good as they can be with Lampard’s guidance and help.

Apart from that, his extraordinary leadership abilities can also bring more to the team than one could know. He knows the team and club very well, and can teach or help the newer crop of players we have at the moment settle better.

Obviously, seeing Lampard on the bench, and knowing he can’t play will sting, but we can at least, take consolation in the fact that he’ll add so much to the team in many other ways.

It has not been confirmed where his next destination is, but I would be very thrilled to see the legend return.

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