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What makes a great manager is the ability to get your tactics right, and make all the necessary changes to help your team win games, and compete at the top. Antonio Conte has always been hailed as a great tactician, but not many dared put him in the same circle as Guardiola and Mourinho. In his time at Juventus, he won the Scudetto back to back, as well as other trophies. His spell as Italy’s national team manager too saw him lead them to the quarter finals, where they were knocked out in a penalty shootout. The man has always shown that he is a top manager, but for some reason, he didn’t get all the attention he deserved until now.

When he got the Chelsea job, not many expected him to immediately transform the team, but that is exactly what he has done. From being a disjointed team without a plan, Chelsea have become the most feared side in the English top flight. It might have taken some beating from the likes of Liverpool and Arsenal for the new Chelsea to emerge, but it has indeed happened, and it’s all owing to the managerial know -how of Antonio Conte. Chelsea are no longer suffering the same issues they suffered before now, we’re winning games, and very convincingly.

What Conte has done at Chelsea may seem like no difficult feat, but when you think about the length of time it’s taken him to achieve it, and the depth from which he lifted Chelsea after last season’s horror showing, you’ll understand why he deserves all the credit he’s getting. Chelsea is frightening again, and sit at the summit of English football.

Over the past couple of weeks, since our winning run began, we have had to face some really tough opposition; even teams that are managed by coaches who are considered the best in the world, and we have come out victorious against them all. We beat Manchester United, Everton, Tottenham, and lately, Manchester City, and convincingly well too. All these have been done by a man who is completely new to English football and England as a country, but he has adapted well, and quickly, while the ones who are hailed as the ‘best’ still struggle.

I am not saying that the man is flawless or that he’ll always have it rosy, heck, things change, and there’ll come a time when things will get rough, but I have faith that the man has what it takes to turn it around again as he’s done. Earlier this season, we hit poor form, and it took Conte’s tactical genuis to turn things around— that is what makes a great manager. Being able to sniff out trouble, and halt it right in its tracks before it blows out of control.

It’s still early days in the league, so I know that not a lot of people would want to openly admit to sharing my sentiments, but mark my words, all that will change if at the end of the current campaign, Chelsea go on to win the league. Conte’s status as the most in- form manager in world football would be even more underlined.

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