Photo Credit: GETTY IMAGES

Photo Credit: GETTY IMAGES

Arguably one of the best midfielders Chelsea has ever had, Cesc Fabregas’ fall from grace has to be one of the biggest stories of the season. From being the league’s best assister in 2014/15, to being permanently relegated to the background.

When his current ordeal started early this season, I personally thought it was a temporary situation that would change as the season wore on, but it’s been over 3 months, and the Spaniard is yet to regain his starting spot in the Chelsea team. There was a time when it seemed like things were getting better for the man, but after a visibly awful performance against Arsenal early in the season, there appears to be no hope for the man. Even further complicating his situation is the fact that we are playing so well without him. The passes are clicking, and the goals are coming. Conte has now chosen the same staring eleven for six games in a row, even the likes of Oscar and Willian who were starters earlier in the season cannot start a game these days.

I hate to harbour the thought of some of our good players leaving, but with each passing game, it is clearer that that is an inevitable outcome. One player that may be on his way out of Chelsea soon is Cesc Fabregas. Already, the likes of Milan and Inter are rumoured to be interested in landing him at their clubs, and should he leave, I totally would understand. He may make mistakes, but his quality is never in doubt. He is, and will remain one of the best passers of the ball we have had at Chelsea. Nothing lasts forever, and if this is where his journey with Chelsea ends, then I wish him well, and hope he finds all he wants.

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