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There is absolutely no one who enjoys losing to winning. Certainly, there’s no one who prefers failure to success. Both are two possible outcomes in our everyday life. In summary, it’s simple to understand that ‘sometimes you win, sometimes you lose to learn’. That was exactly our plight when we suffered chastening and jaw-dropping defeats against Liverpool and Arsenal. You could possibly ask serial winners, Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho how they both felt when they were thrashed by their former clubs this season. It’s a bittersweet learning experience.

It’s inevitable that we may suffer from poor form at some stage this season, but not to self-destruction. With the games coming on a spin, here 2 key things Conte must do to keep our dreams alive:


When Antonio Conte took up the Chelsea job, he was certainly aware it was a herculean task. A major theme during his first press presentation was to reignite the players’ passion to play the game. Several players lost the passion to play football during our disastrous campaign as defending champions. They were out of sorts, out of form and out of recognition. But here is Conte’s promise on what he would do to remedy the situation:

“I will try to transfer my passion on to the players.

“I want to see them with the passion that I have. I think that I will have a very intensive relationship with my players, but it takes time – we need to get to know each other first.

“That is very important. When you start a job, you are at the beginning of the season and you have only worked with the players for two weeks. You must use the time to get to know them and for them to know you.

“I love to create a link with my team, that’s what I want. I want to see the players with great passion.

“For me, it’s not right to get angry, but I always have an intensive relationship with my players.

“If the players have the passion, then it transfers to their team-mates and the fans, and you create a great atmosphere.”

That passion has catapulted us to the league summit after the poisons and shambles of last season. Conte needs to motivate his players and make them realise that together they can achieve more if they put their heart and soul in their game. With passion, they can sweat blood, win every contest, face any challenge and conquer all. Great managers reignite their players’ passion to do more of the same and even much more.


I certainly believe that challenges don’t kill, they only break to make us. That’s quite the same in football. Here are two perfect scenarios: During their time together at Manchester United, legendary manager, Sir Alex Ferguson always challenged Cristiano Ronaldo. From the first year after his arrival, Ronaldo and Ferguson always had a bet going on his season’s goals tally: first season it was 10 (Ronaldo lost), then 15 (Ronaldo lost). “On both occasions I tried to pay him. He refused to take a penny,” Ronaldo reveals in Moments. In the 2006-07 season, Ronaldo raised the stakes to £400, had won the bet by February and refused to take the winnings.

Here’s Ronaldo assertion of Fergie’s strategy:

“To beat the manager is my ambition and I want to carry on, I want to score more goals,” said Ronaldo.

“I felt very honoured by the award. It’s given me the motivation to achieve more.”

A slightly different strategy could be adopted by Conte to keep our dreams alive. This helps to motivate, spur and drive players to give their all for a common cause.


Hopefully, we can taste glory at the end. Cheers.

About the Author

Nwosu Obichi is an ardent sports lover, analyst and writer with enjoyed numerous views on RSTV SPORTS SHOW and several other platforms. He's a passionate fan of Chelsea Football Club. He's also a human-capita developer, Professional (motivational) Speaker and Author.