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There has been an age-long rivalry between Chelsea and close neighbours, Arsenal. While Arsenal used to be the king of London, Chelsea have taken over their shine in over a decade now, and the fact that Chelsea are the only London club to have lifted the Premier League title in the last decade, buttresses my point. Moreover, Chelsea are the only London club to have won the UEFA Champions League.

But who really has the most fans between the two sides? Judging this based on stadium attendance will not give us true figures because Arsenal have a bigger Stadium than Chelsea. Also, the Premier League is now the biggest league in the world, and has garnered passionate fans from every corner of the earth; this makes stadium attendance a very poor yardstick for measuring who has the most fans.

But then, social media cuts across all parts of the world, and almost everyone seems to be on social media these days. So social media will be the best platform to judge.

So I’d use three of the most popular social media platforms to judge who probably have the most fans — twitter, instagram and facebook are the most used social media platforms all over the world.

Arsenal have the larger followers on twitter with 8.83 million users, while Chelsea have 7.77 million twitter followers.

Arsenal also have a bigger following on instagram, with 8.6 million followers, while Chelsea aren’t too far off with 8.2 million followers.

However, in arguably the world’s most popular social media platform, Facebook, Chelsea have a very large following with a massive 47.2 million likes. Arsenal on the other hand are afar off with 37.5 million likes.

In total, Chelsea have 63.2 million following across the three social media platforms, while Arsenal have 54.9 million followers.

Now, who’s really the king of London?

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Chelsea is more than just a football club to me; it's a passion I share, and my affinity with the Chelsea badge is one that will last forever. As far as watching my favourite team is concerned, I'd rather miss a meal than miss a Chelsea game.


  1. Chelsea is my team… Being a Chelsea fan you don’t get more disappointments than celebrations.

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