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Rumours surfaced not long ago about a rift between Chelsea’s front man, Diego Costa and the Chelsea hierarchy. According to reports, there was a bid from a mega-rich Chinese club to Chelsea for their star man, Diego Costa, and that has also triggered misconduct from Costa. We also understand that he reportedly got into a row with Conte over fitness issues. Now, of course, the management of Chelsea has officially come out to debunk these rumors, saying that Costa only had an injury, and couldn’t get back in training in time before the game vs Leicester. Our manager, Conte also confirmed the club’s statement when asked about it during his post-match conference. According to him, Costa complained of a back injury during training, he walked out, and never came back to train with the team during the week.

Whichever way you look at the entire situation from; whether he really had a bust up with Conte and a medical staff or he walked out of training and never came back to train with the rest of the team, the bottom line is that he showed lack of respect for not just Conte, but for his fellow players and the fans of the club worldwide.

For no reason is a player allowed to show disrespect to his coach. If you have an injury during training, I’m sure there’s a right channel to go about making your voice heard. From Conte’s statement, it would seem that Costa walked out of training under the pretext of an injury. And if he got into a disagreement with the club staff because he has a problem with the management, he was wrong too. Misconduct and lack of respect for authority isn’t allowed and cannot be condoned. For this, I believe that Conte was spot on to have dropped Costa. Sometimes you have to take certain decisions to make a point known. Conte is the manager at Chelsea, and he deserves respect from everybody. Diego Costa needs to understand this. It’s quite sad that all of these are happening at a time when everybody thought he was over that part of him. He has been in fine form this season, and part of the reason for that is because he’s played more than court controversies. It’d be sad to see all he’s done this season get destroyed by his inability to control his emotions. But then again, we cannot be sure of the whole incident, and the Chelsea management have vehemently denied that there’s a rift between the player and the manager. Even Costa posted a pic on his Instagram page that suggested he’s very much still a part of Chelsea, and we hope it remains that way.

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