It’s a happy new year to every football lover all over the globe as we expect remarkable changes in the game to better our entertainment. It’s still on the festive games in the Premier League as Chelsea travel to Spurs for a potential fierce encounter.

There is no love found between these two sides, as past encounters has proven. Mauricio Pochettino’s men will battle to avenge Chelsea’s part in crushing off their title ambition last season and the recent defeat at Stamford Bridge. More so, they sit ten points adrift Chelsea and will be looking to cut the deficit and equally crank up the pressure on us to slip up. Chelsea on the other hand will be looking to sustain their winning run for history to be made and also enjoy their status their as the Pride of London. This game promises to be a shrewd and intriguing affair and let’s enjoy it, as much as it will be more than a game and more than a rivalry.

Here are 3 reasons why Chelsea must beat Spurs:



Certainly losing this game doesn’t make us relinquish top spot but doesn’t do us any good either in the long run, in our quest for league glory. The need to fire on all cylinders becomes more important with the Liverpool draw against Sunderland and probably any other slip ups in our favour. This will help to widen the points gap and by beating Spurs, it could kill their resurgence and title ambition. Thereby, eliminating one rival from the chasing pack. Let’s seize the opportunity to lead further and farther.



Two years ago by this period, Spurs stabbed into our title ambition in a pulsating 5-3 win at White Hart Lane. We returned the favour by killing their dreams of league glory with a 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge last season. These encounters alongside previous battles stoked up the snarling rivalry between both sides history proves:

“This Tottenham-Chelsea thing came about in the sixties,” Chelsea’s official historian Rick Glanvill tells FFT . “Firstly we lost a number of players to them – Jimmy Greaves, Terry Venables and Bobby Smith – and then mid-decade we seemed to just meet each other again and again. Players started to dislike each other, the supporters would get into fights a lot more and it reached a crescendo in the 1967 FA Cup Final. There were fights all over the place; it was absolute carnage.”

This could also be felt in the words of the players in encounters between both teams.

When Chelsea won the Champions league in Munich 2012 and also qualified for the competition the next season at Spurs expense despite finishing outside the top four in the league, was a killer.


“It was absolutely topped by the fact we ruined their season for the following year as we qualified and they didn’t,”

– CFCUK, fanzine editor David Johnstone tells FFT .

“Knocking them out of it was better than winning the European Cup.”

He added: “…I like anything that upsets Spurs supporters.”


On ending Spurs title dream, here’s what Eden Hazard had to say:

“The fans, the club, the players, we don’t want Tottenham to win the Premier League,”

Spurs left-back, Danny Rose gave his response:

“That’s now the first fixture we’re looking at next season — Chelsea at home and Chelsea away.

“To feel the hatred from the Chelsea fans and players before that game — it was amazing”.

The rivalry between both sides battled is set to reach a crescendo as the outcome of the game will give room for bragging rights. Chelsea must do well to kill the spurs of this Tottenham side to gain city dominance and as well give their title bid a push.



Did anyone ever give Chelsea a chance to finish in the top four, how much even be in the fray as title challengers? No not one except Antonio Conte and the players. Possibly even as fans, we doubted as well owing the rebuilding job that was needed after last season’s catastrophic debacle. Now, we sit pretty much top of league after a run of 13 consecutive wins thereby equalling a previously set record by rivals, Arsenal. Now it’s 14 in sight, which will also be a historic joint record with them if we win against Spurs tomorrow. History awaits us and we mustn’t dither. Moreso, winning against Spurs will send a thunderous message around the country that we are very serious title contenders and the team to beat.

Can we make it happen and achieve much more? Let’s find out.


Let’s do it. Cheers!

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Nwosu Obichi is an ardent sports lover, analyst and writer with enjoyed numerous views on RSTV SPORTS SHOW and several other platforms. He's a passionate fan of Chelsea Football Club. He's also a human-capita developer, Professional (motivational) Speaker and Author.