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There are many times in football where clubs ask the often biting question: how did we get stuck in here? Or in more rather ignorant scenario, the question would be: ‘how did we get lured into this? Both questions are reminiscent of today’s turn of events where player power pulls the strings. A quick flashback to the year when a quarter of Paul Pogba’s transfer fee can get you a super striker like Alan Shearer. When buying a player for £30 million was seen as a murder crime. When managers had the final say with regards to their players. When managerial stability was at the frontier of club success. Now things have not just fallen apart, but have taken a different outlook which plays to the players tune.

Players now earn mouth-watering salaries and with their agents pulling the strings in the backdrop. At Chelsea, the dressing room gas defined the tenure of certain managers. The likes of Avram Grant, Andre Villas-Boas, Jose Mourinho, Rafael Benitez and Felipe Scolari all felt the heat and got badly burnt. Could it be that where they failed, Conte is succeeding. It might just be too early to judge especially with the case of Carlo Ancelotti in mind.

Certainly the events of this season show that Conte is the boss at Chelsea. His transfer dealings speak volume of a manager ready to work with the club to ensure its success. His composed approach to defeats with his famous line: “We win and lose together as a team” is so spirited as well as his press conferences that are often diplomatic. His handling of players’ attitude, especially that of embattled striker, Diego Costa, the no-show dilemma of Michy Batshuayi and skipper, John Terry are testament to his good man-management skill. Players now hardly have their way with sulking attitude but must show professionalism. With the fractures of last season being healed and Chelsea back on our feet, one expects more stability and trophy frenzy beginning with league triumph by May as the first of many to come.


Let’s keep the Blue flag flying high. Cheers.

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Nwosu Obichi is an ardent sports lover, analyst and writer with enjoyed numerous views on RSTV SPORTS SHOW and several other platforms. He's a passionate fan of Chelsea Football Club. He's also a human-capita developer, Professional (motivational) Speaker and Author.