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For years, Chelsea and Arsenal fans have been at war not just over which team is superior and better, but also over who has the better players. In the past, there have been comparisons between our legendary Drogba and Arsenal’s Henry, but in recent seasons, it’s been about Alexis Sanchez and Eden Hazard. Of course, everyone knows Eden is better than Sanchez, even fans of the Gunners, but pride would not let them admit it. I am not saying that Sanchez isn’t good; I’m just saying that Hazard is better. If ever there was a doubt left in anyone as to this fact, I’m sure it would have been put to rest after they saw the game on Saturday.

It’s always been said that you know the quality of a big player when he faces a big team. On Saturday, in a game where Sanchez was loudly quiet, Hazard was everywhere. He was a thorn in the flesh of Arsenal’s defence from start to finish, and that wonder goal from him will always go down as one of the best ever by a footballer. What makes Eden Hazard hazardous is that he is never really out of form. Every time he was thought to have ‘lost his mojo’, he turned it all around. The man is never quite done; he always has a trick up his sleeve. He’s a brilliant player, and one we’ll always be happy to have. Hazard is so good, he makes others seem average, and if I were a coach, I’d give anything to have and Keep him in my team.

He’s won ‘player of the season’ once, and with performances like Saturday’s he’s not far off from another one— his 2nd in 3 seasons.

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