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Following Manchester United’s victory over Watford on Saturday, ex-Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho accused Chelsea of being a defensive team.

However, Manchester United legend Gary Neville thinks Mourinho is just being envious. Neville also revealed Mourinho will be looking to copy the balance of Chelsea in the coming seasons.

Speaking on Monday Night Football, Neville said: “He’s probably envious, probably saying it as a compliment, because when I watch Chelsea they look balanced to me, the right mix of what you would like.

“I’ve never watched Chelsea this season and thought they were really boring, I’ve seen them go away to City and be absolutely outstanding, I’ve seen them be resilient when they needed to be, I’ve seen them play great football.

“When I’ve watched them this season, they have a look of a team that’s got the right balance, and if Jose Mourinho is saying that, maybe he is being a little bit mischievous, but he’ll be thinking that is the balance of a champion team.

“Jose will be searching for that balance, understanding that at United you need to be a little bit more expansive in the way in which he plays.”

Mourinho claims Chelsea are a defensive team but Chelsea have scored 51 goals so far this season compared to Manchester United’s goal return of 38. So which team is indeed the defensive team?

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