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What a weekend we’ve had, with pulsating games that kept us all on the edge of our seats. From Chelsea’s hard-fought win over Swansea to Manchester United’s laborious league cup finals win over Southampton, and then Leicester City’s fire down against Liverpool. However, the constant is that the season will continue to showcase surprises, shocks and battles all in the quest for supremacy.

The tragic trending story has been the sack of Claudio Ranieri by Leicester City less than one year after winning the league title. It was quite disheartening to see him booted especially after writing one of best stories in the history of English football. Certainly, this gives credence to the thought that loyalty is a lost word in the football dictionary.

Retrospectively, this now looks to be the common trend in world football, especially in the Premier league. The last two managers to have won the league in the last two years have gone on to lose their jobs in the subsequent year after winning the title. Quite intriguing is the reason being behind their sacks – players’ unrest! In an era where huge cash is made from TV rights deals, mouth-watering endorsement deals and shirt sponsorship deals, there is no surprise that this is now a major theme considering the kind of money earned by these players. The stark reality is that there is now a swing in power from managers to players. Players hold the power to a manager’s job tenure in the new football era.

More so, a familiar issue in recent times with regards to managerial instability has been hinged on bad player (man) management skills. While it is right to condemn the players for instigating a manager’s exit, it is also expedient to note that most managers fail to bond with their players. Also, even if they do, it’s only on work-related issues which most times don’t give the players a sense of belonging. After all, a popular quote says:

“Leaders must first of all touch a heart before asking for a hand”

It is imperative for managers to constantly seek ways of improving their relationship with their players through either their football ideas or life experiences. They need to relate with their players on a common ground that will serve as a spring board for greater heights. Their motivation of the players should be done in a bid to get the best out of them

Conte can learn from these incidents and seek ideas that can help him improve his relationship with the players and keep the bond they share intact. Finding compatibility with the players for sustained success in his reign as Chelsea boss will help him leave a lasting legacy at the club.

Let’s hope for the best. Cheers!

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