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Chelsea captain John Terry is one of the best defenders of his generation and no one (even our rivals) can argue with that but his reputation off the field in the past has made some have a wrong perception of Terry.

Terry’s reputation first took a hit after it was alleged he had an affair with the wife of ex-Chelsea defender Wayne Bridge.

Terry also entered the press for the wrong reasons again in 2012 when it was alleged he racially abused Anton Ferdinand during a Premier League clash against QPR. Terry was later cleared of any wrongdoing by Westminster Magistrates’ Court but  the FA still banned him for 4 matches and fined him about £220,000.

Terry hasn’t had a negative incident ever since but it seems his bad boy tag has been a difficult one to shake off.

Two of Chelsea legends Pat Nevin and Graeme Le Saux insist Terry has a more softer side and has been greatly misunderstood.

“Terry is quite incredible as a mentor – what he’s doing, showing an attitude in certain areas that people don’t understand. He’s one of the most misunderstood footballers I’ve ever come across in life,” Nevin is quoted on The Sun.

“If you watch him with fans, if you watch him at any get together when he’s with everyone, he has got one of the most incredible personalities I’ve ever met in the game.

“Now, considering my politics, my background, what I’ve worked in, you do not expect to hear that from me. But I’ve watched him closely.

“He’s a pretty special individual in a lot of areas and he will pass a lot of incredibly positive things on.”

Chelsea legend Le Saux added: “It’s funny because that public image of him and some of the ‘baggage’, shall we say that he’s collected along the way, it’s such a shame – for many reasons, of course.

“But one quick example, I remember I was out in Hong Kong with the team a few years ago and we were hosting a family to go and meet a few of the players.

“The daughter of this family was probably about eight, and I said to her, ‘if you get to meet one player as they go to get on the bus, who would you like to meet?’

“She gave a toss-up between Frank [Lampard] and John, so I said, ‘okay, look, let’s see if we can get you to meet both of them.’

“Anyway, John came out and I introduced them. And he was just about to go, he paused, open his washbag, and he took out his captain’s armband from this pre-season friendly.

“He obviously realised he had it in his washbag, took it out, called her back, put it on her arm and said: You’re Chelsea captain now’.

“No cameras around, there’s no publicity but it was just a wonderfully thoughtful gesture. And that girl – I mean that would have absolutely made her life. She’ll never forget that.”

Nevin added: “I’ve actually seen him do that sort of thing more than I’ve seen any other professional footballer in my life.

“That sort of thing is absolutely him. And he does it when no one’s watching.”

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