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The first thought that might have come to your mind after reading this header is – we don’t really need Gareth Bale, or you might think he’s probably too expensive or the deal is unrealistic. But that’s beside the point.

There’s a popular saying in the football world that the best form of defence is attack, and while a lot of teams have won with defensive tactics, a look at the teams that have dominated Europe will show you that it’s the attacking teams that have won the Champions League the most in the past decade. This proves a point that attack indeed is key to defence, as too much pressure on your defence can weaken it.

This brings me to the Eden Hazard rumours. Real Madrid want to sign our best player to add to their array of stars, and they are only willing to let go of their lesser players – the likes of Alvaro Morata, James Rodriguez and Isco. This is a key tip the bigger teams use in maintaining their dominance; you can ask Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

The likes of Real Madrid believe they can sign anybody in the world, and it has been working for them for many years, and if Chelsea must go back to European glory and not be among the likes of Arsenal who make up numbers – we must be assertive in the transfer market.

Real Madrid know Chelsea won’t sell Hazard, just as Manchester United were unwilling to sell Cristiano Ronaldo some years ago. So they have engaged the media in this psychological warfare to unsettle Hazard.

This past week Spanish newspaper (I prefer to call them Real Madrid newspaper) Marca wrote a report stating that Chelsea and Hazard would be willing to negotiate which is contrary to reports in England. And we all know that this isn’t true.

By unsettling Hazard, they will have the edge in the battle, and he’d be more interested in going to Spain than signing a new contract.

Chelsea now have the financial muscle to go for the best players in the world, and it’s time we start exercising that muscle. It’s time we take the battle from our own half to Real Madrid’s half and go for one of their most prized assets – Gareth Bale.

It’s time to start unsettling Bale and spread rumours of making him the highest paid player in Europe. With this move, Madrid will look back at home and will be more interested in keeping one of their best players. Of course, money is always a motivational factor; Bale will feel tempted. And the attention will move from Hazard to Bale.

By such intent, Hazard will even be more interested in staying at the club; every big player wants to play with the big stars. Making it a win-win for the club.

The media is a useful tool in the transfer market, and it’s time for Chelsea to take the game to Real Madrid. A rumoured bid for Bale is the way to go.

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Chelsea is more than just a football club to me; it's a passion I share, and my affinity with the Chelsea badge is one that will last forever. As far as watching my favourite team is concerned, I'd rather miss a meal than miss a Chelsea game.