“Frank Lampard is a Man City player, when he decided to go to a direct competitor then the love stories are over,” Mourinho told Sky Sports in 2014.

Respect is reciprocal so you shouldn’t expect to be respected if you disrespect the person you demand respect from. Jose Mourinho definitely knows this.

Mourinho was angry on Monday night when the Blue fans turned their back on him but if he knows better, he would realise he instigated everything that happened at Stamford Bridge on Monday night.

Mourinho is the most successful Chelsea manager in the history of the club and every fan of Chelsea Football Club knows this so when fans turn their back on him like they did on Monday night, important questions should be asked.

Was Monday night the first time Jose Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge with another team? The answer to this question is NO.

In 2010, Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge with his Inter Milan team and he was afforded a warm welcome by Chelsea supporters (even though Chelsea had lost the first leg of the Champions League second round tie 2-1). Mourinho’s Inter Milan defeated Chelsea but Chelsea fans still showed him love nevertheless.

Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge for the second time with an opposition team in November 2016 when he brought his Manchester United team to Stamford Bridge. Just as in 2010, Chelsea faithfuls welcomed Mourinho warmly despite Mourinho been in charge of our rivals Manchester United.

Mourinho’s Manchester United lost 4-0 to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and it’s obvious Mourinho didn’t take the defeat kindly as he resorted to back-handed compliments on Chelsea and our style of play. Did Mourinho expect another hug from Chelsea fans after all the negative comments on Chelsea prior to his visit to Stamford Bridge on Monday night?

The handwriting was on the wall. Mourinho hated the fact he lost 4-0 to Conte’s Chelsea and he also hated Antonio Conte too. An attack on our current manager Conte is an attack on Chelsea as a football club and just as Chelsea fans defended Mourinho even when he courted controversies as a Chelsea manager, fans of Chelsea Football Club will also defend Antonio Conte, who is now our manager.

Mourinho put Chelsea fans in a situation where they had to choose between him and Conte and its expected Chelsea fans will choose Conte because he is our current manager.

Carlo Ancelotti was dismissed in a very terrible way by the Chelsea board but the Italian always has nice things to say about the club till  date and Chelsea fans still love him too.

If Mourinho truly loves Chelsea as he claims, he would never attack the manager of Chelsea negatively in public. Mourinho also can’t claim to love the club when he instructs his Manchester United players to kick Eden Hazard, a player loved by Chelsea fans. The fans hated the fact he refused to play football and decided to kick Hazard and he even played the ball at Chelsea boss Antonio Conte after a foul on Marcos Alonso.

Chelsea fans never forget and always appreciate every past manager. Even Claudio Ranieri will attest to that fact after Chelsea received him warmly even though he had just dethroned Chelsea as champions with his Leicester City team.

Mourinho shouldn’t expect love from Chelsea fans when he keeps talking negative things about Chelsea when the situation provides no reason for him to mention Chelsea. Comments like Manchester United fans are the best definitely won’t sit well with Chelsea fans who idolised him and tirelessly supported him even when the club languished in 16th position. Chelsea fans are no fools.

Mourinho attacked Frank Lampard in 2014 for joining our direct rivals Manchester City. He called Lampard, a legend of the club an enemy so why should Mourinho expect to be treated differently after joining our direct rival, Manchester United.

We appreciate Mourinho for the success he brought Chelsea and we will never forget him but he needs to know that respect is reciprocal. Chelsea fans respect Mourinho and also demand respect from him in return.

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