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We’re nearing the end of the season, when transfers happen, and as usual, there are lots of rumours of potential moves for players at different clubs in different leagues across the world.

Diego Costa is one player that has continually been linked with a move away from Chelsea to both Atletico Madrid and mega rich China. Of course, both Chelsea and the player are yet to talk on the matter, but it is a big possibility. This is considering that he’s been in England a few years, and he doesn’t quite seem settled yet. Should the move happen, there shouldn’t be much problem for Chelsea in the striking department, judging from the potential candidates to fill Costa’s boots.

Romelu Lukaku and Alvaro Morata are said to be possible replacements for Costa should he leave, and while they’re both more than capable of providing the goals for Chelsea, you can’t ignore the fact that Costa would be missed. Players of Costa’s calibre are very rare, and that is what makes them special and different from every other player.

Apart from the goals he brings to the table on a consistent basis, Costa is also a big game player. He not only scores and impresses against lower and mid table teams, he also brings the heat to top teams. He is the type of player you can rely on to turn up when you need him to. A look back at some of the games he almost single handedly swung in our favor this season will remind you just how much he has contributed to our success this season. The Manchester City win, as well as West Brom and Southampton games are worthy examples.

Diego Costa has some unique traits too that add to his very rich CV. He is a leader on the pitch; he pushes the team to go on no matter what. Costa’s presence on the pitch alone is a threat to the opposition. And the threat he poses can make opposition players make errors that can sway things in our favor.

Of course, he’s not without his flaws, but his strengths far outweigh them, and he’ll always be important wherever he goes. Unlike some players, he isn’t affected by what people say; he is always about his game. Another player could have suffered a huge psychological blow that could ruin their career, but Diego Costa isn’t your average player; he’s strong, he’s determined and he can only keep getting better. He’s still only on 19 league goals, 5 behind Everton striker, Lukaku, who leads the scorers’ chart. But we still have a handful of fixtures remaining, so Costa has plenty of room to change that, and if he doesn’t, it is nothing because it wouldn’t change the reality that he’s one of the best forwards the game has seen.

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