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Lukaku to Chelsea is one of the biggest transfer rumors currently making rounds in English media, and it’s not surprising. The Belgian has been in scintillating form since his departure to Everton; as a matter of fact, he has gotten better like fine wine with each passing week. It’s not a secret anymore that he’s one of the most sought after strikers in football at the moment, especially considering that he’s still very young, and potentially has years of great football ahead of him. It’s also no news that Chelsea are interested in the Belgian. Last summer, he would have arrived, but for some factors like Everton’s unwillingness to sell, and the presence of top man, Diego Costa. But considering that Costa’s future at Chelsea isn’t certain, and Lukaku has been too good to ignore and I expect Chelsea to go for his services again this summer.

If growing indications are anything to go by, it’s not a question of whether Lukaku will be willing to rejoin, but if Everton will be willing to sell. He’s their top man, but then, money can get everything, right? It’s just they might try to put us off with an even heftier price tag, seeing as his value has gone up. However, I trust Chelsea to go all out for anyone they really want.

Lukaku is a Chelsea fan; he has always been, so I’m certain he’s ready to return if given the chance, and the recent comments of our legend and friend of the man, Didier Drogba may suggest that move will likely happen this summer.

Speaking in an interview recently, Drogba said Chelsea fans shouldn’t be surprised to see Lukaku return to Stamford Bridge this summer. He also added that he already knows what the Belgian will do this summer. In his words,

“If he comes to Chelsea it will be great for the club,”

“He knows the house already and I think he wants to prove he can be successful here, he didn’t get the chance to do it.

“Chelsea is his club since he was young, so why not?”

And when asked if he knew what the striker would do this summer, he said, “I know.”

Now, obviously, this isn’t much to draw conclusions from, but it would seem to me like Chelsea are definitely frontrunners for his signature. Nothing is done yet, but we do stand a chance, and I, like any other Chelsea fan will be looking forward to seeing this deal materialise.

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