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When Romelu Lukaku joined Chelsea from the Anderlecht six years ago, it was because of his previous form for his then club. He had finished the season as the highest goal scorer in the Belgian league, and looked ready for a bigger challenge like Chelsea. He was signed for a reasonable fee, and was supposed to grow with the team. However, because of a number of factors, his stay at Stamford Bridge was shortlived. You can call it I’ll-luck if you like, but one of the biggest issues Lukaku had during his Chelsea days was the fact that he was too young and inexperienced for a club like ours. At the time he was at the Bridge, Torres was still around; a man Roman Abramovich had acquired for 50 million pounds, so there was little room for Lukaku to show off what he had to offer.

On occasions, he did make appearances, but for some reason, he never quite showed up. The final straw that saw the Belgian leave was a penalty miss vs Bayern in a Super Cup match. Mourinho was in charge, and there was no way he would overlook that. Lukaku left, and ever since, he has been on fire. Since he arrived Goodison Park, he has only gotten better by the season, and suitors are lining up for his services, including Chelsea. But it won’t be easy. He is Everton’s main man, and they won’t let him go easy, especially if it’s Chelsea. They have slammed a heavy price tag on him, and it’s not something anyone should cough up without thinking and weighing up their options.

Lukaku is a fine player; he already has 23 goals this season with six games to be played. With that tally, it means he’s ahead of every other striker in the league, even our very own Diego Costa. If he can get that much at Everton, imagine what he’d do at Chelsea. We are the perfect club for him, and he’s willing to return, but do you think Chelsea will be willing to pay as much as £60 million for Lukaku? And if they do, would you consider it a wise move, especially seeing as we can get Alexis for less.

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  1. Sampson- Chelsea -Fan- From NIGERIA | April 11, 2017 at 7:18 am |

    Chelsea should buy another striker and not lukaku, because lukaku can’t play what chelsea played. Chelsea don’t depend on striker, all chelsea players are strikers and scorers

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