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Eden Hazard has been in top form this season. He currently has 13 league goals to his credit in the EPL alone, and is doing very well for himself. But this isn’t the first time the Belgian has shown that he has what it takes to dazzle in the world’s best league since his arrival from Lille in 2012. He has shown that the millions Chelsea spent to acquire him wasn’t a waste.

Hazard’s dazzling form has always drawn comparisons to the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who are arguably the two best players in the world, even though there are those who think the Belgian isn’t quite in that class yet. For people who hold this argument, they do acknowledge that Hazard is talented and good, except he’s not quite as consistent with his showings as the two best in the world.

That notwithstanding, Hazard has continued to build himself and with the exception of 2015/16 where there was total capitulation in Chelsea, he has gotten better over time. In 2014/15, he was rewarded with the PFA Player of the Year award for his contributions to Chelsea’s league triumph the same year. In 2015/16, he missed out, and understandably so, because he wasn’t at his best. However all that has changed, and the man is well on course to winning back his Player of the Year title due to his form so far this season. I say this without any sentiments, and I’m sure anyone else who is truthful would agree that Hazard has by far been the best player in England thus far. But the interesting thing about Hazard’s fortunes this season is that it could even get better.

The two players (Messi and Ronaldo) who constantly win the biggest accolades in the world stage have underwhelmed (to their standards) this year, and while it may be too early to write them off, I also think that it boosts the chances of Hazard to finally get the attention he deserves on the world stage. Obviously, there are other good players around who can also stake a claim to the world best player title, Eden Hazard is ahead of many them in my opinion, bar his lack of Champions League football. It’s still April and December is still months away. Between now and then, plenty more can happen, but it also means that there’s room for Hazard to get even better. As a faithful Blue, I will continue to hope the man eventually gets recognition at the world level because he definitely deserves it.

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