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Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez handled the ball in the buildup to his early goal in Chelsea’s 2-1 FA Cup defeat to Arsenal on Saturday.

Chelsea defender Gary Cahill believes the goal should have been cancelled because Sanchez handled the ball and Ramsey interfered with play while in an offside position.

“I don’t understand why the referee didn’t decide to whistle,” Cahill said.

“Yes, disappointment obviously, we wanted to finish the season [well],” Cahill said. “We knew what the feeling would be like if we lost. It would put a bit of a dampener on the end of season celebrations and likewise, if we had won.

“Of course, we are disappointed. It is fresh in the mind and it is not a nice feeling. The offside rule is crazy. I spoke to a referee the other day, I forgot which game I was playing in but the ball got played through and the striker was offside.

“He made a run to it and then he’s veered off to go into the box and because he has veered off then he is no longer offside. It is a bizarre rule but nevertheless, forget the offside, for me I thought it was very lucky to not be given as a handball.

“When your arms are up near your face it is an unnatural positions to be in. So yes it should have been handball.”

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