With Chelsea celebrating title success today, I bring you the top 5 Conte quotes that inspired Chelsea to this great achievement.

Here are the quotes:


1. “I think that we started to light the fire, Conte said. If you want to have a good season, you must have always this fire in your soul, in your heart, in your head. It’s very important.”

Here Conte talks about his team’s readiness to challenge in the league. The lighted up fire became a burning passion to win.


2. “I think this achievement is a great achievement for the players, for my players, Conte told Sky Sports. And I have to tell [them] thanks for their commitment, for their work rate.”

Conte humble appreciation of the efforts of his players for the title win. At least it was a no-brainer compared to Jose’s incessant criticism of his players during his reign at the club.


3. “In Italy I liked to say that the manager is a tailor. You have to make the best dress for the team”.

A powerful quote by the Italian. The formation must fit the players; the players must not change to fit a formation. His 3-4-3/3-5-2 formations are perfect fits for Chelsea.


4. “Three at the back? Four at the back? It is not important for us. What is important is the right spirit of the team.”

Conte’s winning formula was brought to fore and his will to win fired up his side to league success.


5. “We’re slightly underrated maybe and I hope that there is a small flame flickering that can grow into a blazing inferno”.

Conte’s managerial savvy transformed Chelsea struggles into success.


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