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Football is a sport in disguise. It has the deceptive tricks of the camouflaging chameleon, often changing its spots to suit its subplots. Tales of victory and defeat are probable ‘sniper-bullets’ it fires in its mood-swing moments. The latest subplot has been witnessed in the title battle between Chelsea and Spurs. Chelsea’s march to the title barely two months ago was unquestionable thanks to our huge lead at the top. Then, unexpectedly, two bullet shots by Crystal Palace and Manchester United saw our lead cut to 4 points. This revealed that we were not out of sight just yet. More so, Spurs wild goose chase which resulted in 9 wins was enough to keep them within touching distance of pulling a major coup d’état. But just then football changed its script as their momentum was killed with a defeat against West Ham United. Spurs chances of wrestling the title from Chelsea’s grasp and sight appears bleak.

One of the tenets in Army General Sun Tzu’s best seller: ‘The Art of War’ reads: ‘appear weak when you’re strong and strong when you’re weak’.

This is a deceptive tactic employed to trick the enemy to lose guard against potential attacks. Chelsea’s ambush tactic with the twin defeats suffered against Palace and United created a new twist in the title race which spurred on Tottenham, but they look to have ultimately fallen short.

Here are 3 positives from Spurs defeat to West Ham from the Chelsea perspective:



How else can a club prove to be among the elites when it lacks the winning mentality to back up such claim? Big clubs are characterised by their ability to produce the spectacular in big moments of a game, and in the long run – full season. That’s a huge forte for Antonio Conte Chelsea which is exactly why we’re making new strides competitively. On the flip side, Spurs Achilles heel over the last few seasons has been their well-documented inability to get the job done when opportunities come knocking for them to taste success. It has seen them look so close yet so far from winning trophies owing to their habitual late season collapse. While Spurs have booted and bottled their chance, Chelsea have theirs boosted. Spurs Coach, Mauricio Pochettino had this to say on his team’s missed opportunity:

“To win a league or a trophy is about key moments,” said Pochettino. “The match against West Ham] was a key moment … if you want to be champions you must win. How, I don’t know. We were missing a little bit…”

Arguably, despite Spurs being the best ball-playing side in the division, but just a ‘little bit’ seems to be keeping them at bay. It’s also no coincidence that Chelsea’s winning mentality is edging them towards league glory. It’s a statement of fact and pride that Chelsea have the competitive edge over Spurs.



Just precisely in a space of two months, both rival managers: Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger and, Spurs Mauricio Pochettino pulled publicity stunts by talking up their clubs significance. With speculation rife about star player Alexis Sanchez future and alleged claim that he wants to stay in a city, but also in a team that win trophies and has a ‘winning mentality’. Arsene Wenger’s made the headlines with this sarcastic comment:

“How did I interpret his comments? In a very positive way. There’s only one team in London, so he’s happy. There are other interpretations, I understand that, but I think he’s happy here.”

Just before the dust could settle on Wenger’s comments, Pochettino also had this to say about his club:

‘I would love to be here for as long as possible because it’s a club with history, a club that is the most popular in London, more than Arsenal and Chelsea,’ he told Cadena Ser. ‘I’m delighted here.’

‘Tottenham is a historic club at the same level as Manchester United and Liverpool.’

Both comments from the two managers sound like just rousing motivational talks for their underachieving teams. Neither of them have won the league in the last decade. Neither can boast of a Champions League trophy. So, their claims are based on past glories rather than recent successes. Arsenal are a gunned-down spent force, while Spurs are a talented and emerging force that like their North London neighbours, will need to break the mental siege pulling them back from making the quantum leap from mediocrity to significance. Until then, Chelsea are London’s best and only team and its first and only Champions league winner. With the league and cup double on the horizon, we are still the Pride of London and primed for more successes.



What could be more satisfying that winning the league this season after enduring a mediocre season last time out? Conte’s managerial savvy has positioned the club back to where we belong. Winning the league this season will record our second title in three seasons. Our dominance in the English topflight is a sign of improvement which is boost to our ever-growing brand. Our popularity will be far beyond London and England, but all over the world in years to come.


Let’s live the True Blue feeling. Cheers!

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