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We were by far the best team in England this season, and it’s not just because we have the league trophy in our cabinet, but also because we played some really amazing football. We had hunger, and we were a lot more eager to win.

I expected a lot of the same on Saturday as we came up against our perennial rivals, Arsenal at Wembley, in fact, I expected us to run away with the game because of our antecedents, but it was an entirely different ball game.

Arsenal started on the front football, and that was largely because we allowed them to. There was a lot of weakness and complacency in the way we started. We allowed Arsenal too much possession, while we sat deep. By the 20th minute, they probably would have been 2-0 up on a different day. I do not know what happened out there with our boys, but they were very off with their approach.

There seemed to be a slight improvement in the second half, but by then, the damage was done. Our complacency cost us a second trophy this season, and it’s not a good thing for a team who really want to achieve consistent success. Top teams never get tired of winning, it’s what makes them stand out from lower teams.

We have been hailed as the best team in England this season, we have to live up to that tag if we want to continue to enjoy it. Arsenal is not even playing in the UCL next season, if we can’t beat them, we’ll definitely have a hard time against the likes of Juventus when we come up against them. Conte needs to get his troops together. The hunger must not stop, it never stops; that’s how you truly conquer.

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