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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte acknowledged switching to 3-4-3 after the loss to Arsenal was important in Chelsea’s season but he insists the will and desire of the players to improve was the secret to Chelsea being champions.

“To change the system was very important because we found the right suit for these players,” Conte said.

“I think it was very important. Then we continued to work very hard, but that is a simple word.

“When I speak and say hard work, it means hard work. Anyone can say it but in reality it doesn’t happen. But we did this.

“I found my players with a great will and desire to improve and I think this was the secret, this link.

“I want to say thanks to my players. Every single manager can have a good idea of football, but then there are players and if they don’t go into the idea with the right will and desire then it is very difficult for the coach.”

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