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No thanks to Jose Mourinho and Ander Herrera, Eden Hazard is now being man-marked in almost every Chelsea game. Well, this only shows how other teams are afraid of the Chelsea star and he should take it as a compliment.

Everton’s Idrissa Gueye was tasked with picking out Hazard all through the game, and he got a resultant yellow card. And former Blue Pat Nevin has admitted that the 26-year-old is learning how to handle being man-marked.

He wrote in the official Chelsea website: “For Eden Hazard, he is certainly no stranger to this sort of marking, but since Ander Herrera’s much-vaunted performance against our Belgian star at Old Trafford, I have known this is going to become a more common occurrence for him. On Sunday it was Idrissa Gueye who was tasked with ignoring anything else that was going on in and around Goodison Park for 90 minutes. He just had to stick closer to Eden than Mr Collins to Elizabeth Bennett at the Netherfield Ball. (Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, trust me it works).”

He then added that Hazard is learning quickly: “Eden will still probably be a little frustrated at times, but he is learning quickly that you just take your marker to where he doesn’t want to be. You also ensure he is booked early on if you can, so if you can get fouled at pace if possible at the start, as I mentioned just a few weeks ago, it makes things easier. When the marker is booked he can’t get as close, can’t hold your shirt or block to the same level. At the game it was clear that Eden was probably fouled up to 50 times, no exaggeration I promise you, but because he was being held or blocked when the ball was 60 or 70 yards away, the officials (and the TV cameras) never caught it. He must constantly tell the referee and crucially the assistant referees to be aware of this. When they are alerted to it, they do sometimes act on it.”

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