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After scoring against his supposed next club, Chelsea in the semifinals of the Champions league in 2014 as an Atletico Madrid player, Diego Costa displayed all the traits the club wanted in a star striker – aggression, physicality, lethality and the passion to win at all cost. The Brazilian-born Spanish striker was seen as the successor to blues legend, Didier Drogba. He ticked all the boxes as Chelsea sanctioned his purchase for £32m. Chelsea and the Premier league were to expect the tales of ‘Diego Costa: The Enigma’.





Frankly the Chelsea No. 19 has magical scoring powers. In his first season at Chelsea, the striker dazzled onlookers with 7 goals in his first four games. His physical presence makes him a beast of a striker to play against. A flashback to league games against Swansea (2014/15 season) and Manchester City (2016/2017 season) will surely give you a perfect classic of the colourful Diego Costa. No stranger to the Chelsea man’s antics is Manchester City captain, Vincent Company who had this to say about him:

“Costa has an edge to his game that makes him a player to be careful with. I think he’s a special breed of striker. Rooney has that edge, so does Suarez.

“They want to use more than just their feet to get their goals … Playing against those strikers you can never predict the outcome because they’re just so good that if I’m having the best game of my life they can still score a goal.”

His abilities are undoubted and it would be wise to keep him at the club. Doing away with him won’t bring the kind of transfer fee Chelsea would as the player has ruled out moving to China and would only consider moving to Athletico Madrid. Certainly, the Spanish club won’t be willing to pay mega bucks to get him. So, let’s count our gain.



Costa is well-documented and famous serial offender who hurls, snarls, barks and fights for victory. His on-field antics leaves much to be desired as it could prove costly to the team. From waging war against opposition defenders to his own manager and teammates, this makes him a player who’d love to hate. His disciplinary record is flawed and surely the striker can be more than a minus than a plus to his team on his itchy days. His altitude midway through the season over a fracas with coaching staff and rumour of a bid from China could have derailed Chelsea title push had it not been for Conte’s managerial expertise. A possible swap deal for another super star player that suits the team or buying a striker that would compete with him and make him not feel indispensable could be a masterstroke that would see Chelsea continue on the path of success.


Let’s hope for the best…cheers!

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