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By the time we play our next game on Monday, Spurs will be anxious to see what happens after they fumbled against West Ham on Friday night. If we win that game, which is more likely than not, we’ll be 7 points ahead, and that would mean the title is definitely ours.

For some pundits and spectactors, Tottenham may just have made things easier for us by losing at West Ham, but in my opinion, they were never really a threat to us in the title race. For all their efforts and talent, they lack the grit and experience required to battle until the end, like Liverpool. Earlier in the season, a lot of people said Liverpool would contend for the league title, and I said they wouldn’t because they’re not experienced enough, and they proved me right. The only reason I didn’t talk about Spurs at that time was because I thought the same about them, and definitely didn’t see them coming this far. Now, it’s come to the squeaky- bump time, and they’re shaky.

The only team I considered a threat was Manchester city, considering the manager they have and knowing he’d want to prove a point, but even he can’t get a grip of the premier league yet.

What this means is that we have the best manager in the game, and he is guiding us to our 2nd title in three seasons. It’s an unprecedented feat, and one that is likely to repeat itself next season given the right conditions. We have a wonderful group of players, and with the right additions, we’ll be unstoppable. It’s been a tough journey, but we’re a step closer with each win, and Monday night will take us within an inch of deservingly clinching another league title in 2 years.

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