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The FA cup game between Chelsea and Arsenal has come and gone, but the key events that happened on the evening has continued to generate talks among fans of football, especially Chelsea supporters. Of course, there were a lot of major events on that day, but perhaps, key among them all was the sending off of Chelsea right wing-back, Victor Moses.

After a well- crafted build up, the ball was passed to Moses, but he fell just as he was about to take a shot. The referee sent him off because his fall was adjudged ‘diving’, and some sections of fans have held it against him. It is believed that Moses only dived because he wanted a penalty. It’s easy to think that way, and honestly, I understand why it looks that way; the replay showed that there was no contact between Moses and the Arsenal player closest for him to have been tripped, but I have seen this game long enough to know that sometimes, you don’t need to be tripped by someone to fall.

Football is a game of power and energy, it requires a lot of running and movement, and in the midst of all that, anything can happen. I remember the game between Chelsea and Liverpool a couple of seasons ago, we denied Liverpool the title after we beat them 2-0, but the win probably wouldn’t have happened had Steven Gerrard not tripped and fallen. I also remember the game between us and Arsenal many seasons ago, in AVB’s days, Arsenal beat us 5-3, but it probably wouldn’t have happened had Terry not tripped too. So these things happen in football.

Sometimes, you don’t have to be tripped or pulled by another player to fall, it can happen any time. There could have been a knee jerk or a missed step that caused Victor Moses to fall, but because it was a high-profile game, his fall was adjudged diving. Of course, diving is a problem in football, and players do it all the time, but in Moses’ defense, I think his case could have been different.

And for fans who think our lot could have been different if he wasn’t sent off, well, I want you to go watch the game again, if you can— the entire team was unserious and poor on the day. There was no sign of hunger and desire to win. It wasn’t just about Moses, it was a case of lack of hunger and desire from the team.

So, let’s get off Moses’ case. The man was very good throughout the just concluded campaign.

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