Several reports have linked Chelsea striker Diego Costa with a summer exit but Chelsea fans are hoping the reports aren’t true after Costa helped Chelsea win the Premier League title this season by scoring important goals.

Ex-Arsenal striker and Belgium assistant manager Thierry Henry believes Costa will be missed if he leaves Chelsea this summer and he isn’t sure if Chelsea target Romelu Lukaku can fill the boots of Diego Costa.

“We’re going to miss Diego Costa, they’re going to miss Diego Costa,” Henry said on Sky Sports.

“A lot of defenders in this league are going to be happy if he leaves.

“The way Antonio Conte plays, if you want to lead from the front, if you want pressure from the front, if you want big and important goals when your team is not on top, this is your man. But it looks like he’s going to leave.

“If Romelu Lukaku goes there, or someone else, they are going to have to come with those numbers. Not big numbers like in terms of 29, 28, 27, 26 goals but score that goal when my team is struggling.

“Can you come up with that goal at a particular moment? Can you score when your team is not on top? Those are the moments that make a difference between a very good striker for a title contender and not.”

When asked whether Lukaku can replace Costa in Chelsea, Henry, who’s the assistant manager of Lukaku’s Belgium, wasn’t sure.

“Well that remains to be seen because he hasn’t played for a team like that,” Henry added.

“The talk of the season is always some sort of disdain towards Lukaku, it’s never enough.

“But when you look at his record at Everton, it’s very impressive, West Brom, more than impressive.

“Now, if you bring him and let him be in a big team, he was at Chelsea and it didn’t work, I didn’t think he was ready at that time, but now I think he is more ready to do it.

“Is he going to go there? I don’t know. Is he going to perform? Only he can tell us.”

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