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The transfer window is officially open. The 2017 summer transfer window opened on Friday, June 9 for English clubs and it will shut at 11pm on Thursday, August 31 – two-and-a-half-weeks into the Premier League season. The transfer window in France also opens on June 9, while the Germany and Italy windows open on July 1.

Clubs have been taking advantage of the opportunity to add to their squad, and better themselves ahead of the oncoming season.  In English football, pretty much every top club is acquiring. Manchester City, Man Utd…every other club has been involved in summer business, and while some of them have acquired as many as 3 players, others, like our dear Chelsea is yet to officially snap up one player.

You may say the delay is a little understandable, after all, we just won the league, so obviously, and our team is good enough. If there are going to be any additions, it’s probably just in certain key areas. Well, I do agree, but I also think that it’s always important to do business early. We have to get the players we need early, and get them to blend in before the start of next season. There’s nothing worse than starting off a new campaign with a bunch of players who are yet to adapt. Besides, Conte has been the gaffer for a whole year now. He should already have players he wants, and if that is the case, why hold back for this long.

Chelsea won the Premier League with the only threat coming from Tottenham as the rest of the title contenders were below par last season. Our title rivals are acquiring new players to catch up with us and we must improve to avoid another poor title defence. Pep and Mou will return with plenty revenge on their mind. If we give them a chance, even the tiniest, the league might just return to Manchester next season.

We must buy, Conte, we must buy.

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