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Football is a bitchy sport that demands all or nothing and that can equally leave you with all or nothing. As a football manager, when you win trophies and make new strides, you’re celebrated and you’re given all. But when you’re a loser and annoyingly dour, sorry you’re left in a world of your own.

After a transformational season where he turned Chelsea’s mediocre players of the previous season into champions. This style and brand of football made Chelsea great again. The Italian was able to instill a team spirit that made Chelsea better than the sum of its parts. The belief the players exhibited, their burning passion and willpower to win at all cost was admirable and are all reminiscent of Conte’s managerial savvy.

With reports suggesting a breakup with the club over lack of transfer activity this summer, the fans feared for the worst. This was a case of a step forward and two steps backward. Chelsea’s rise has been orchestrated by the Italian tactician, and anything that would warrant his exit has to be reasonable, or it would be deemed unacceptable by the Chelsea fans. Though his exit rumours have been debunked, but such is not needed in Chelsea’s rebuilding process.

The Italian is gradually growing into a statue of a demi-god at Chelsea and the best way to help him build a legacy and as well lead Chelsea to more successes is by securing him on a better deal. His managerial savvy makes him one of the finest world class managers in works football. News of Chelsea securing him on a better and improved deal is a timely booster and will also be huge relief to the fans. Stability is just the key word that is needed to secure Conte’s future and that of the club.

Let’s keep our hopes alive. Cheers!

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