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It’s been a shell-shocking few days at Chelsea, and presumably in world football with regards to Diego Costa’s remarks that he is not wanted at Chelsea. The downbeat of his statements actually point to a fractured relationship between him and Conte and even the club. The subplots of this acrimony can only be traced to Costa’s last summer burning desire to leave Chelsea for Atletico Madrid. Despite magnanimous efforts by Conte to keep the striker on track, there’s absolutely little wonder the striker’s fiery temper has led things to fall apart. I certainly feel Chelsea and Conte has had enough of his bullish attitude.

Diego Costa is a bad dressing room influence and his enigmatic attitude makes him a player you’d love to hate. A player you can love if he’s on your side, especially when he’s in red-hot form. The Spanish striker’s antics at Chelsea is well-documented. From altercations with match officials to bad sporting behaviors (fracas with opposition players) that led to suspensions and also constant wrangling with team mates and the coach. His antics hasn’t gone unnoticed as here’s what they had to say about him:

“I’ve been in the British game for nearly 20 seasons and I know that the footballing culture in Spain and South America and I know that foreign players take time to adapt. So I understand it from that point of view but he needs to understand that we are quite unique in our league. We are honest and quite respectful with each other and you don’t see that sort of behaviour in our league to develop.

“Reacting to the goal and making fun of a disappointing action that’s not a reflection of the class he has.

“He’s a top player and been top player for a while now and has had to fight for what he has got, so his career deserves a lot of credit. But it is disappointing when you get a childish reaction like that.”

– Ex-Everton Coach, Roberto Martinez on Diego Costa antics against Everton in a league game.


“I’d rather have someone who always wants to be involved than someone who doesn’t want to play.

“I have enough problems – I don’t need a Costa problem on top of that.”

– Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger comments on his preference of Sanchez over Costa.


Diego Costa can turn a happy dressing room into mad house and that’s exactly what Conte can’t tolerate. His attitude is unbefitting as a role model for the future generations of football players. At 28, the striker is already in his primetime and all his displays of stupidity need to be swept aside to help him become the star striker that he is. Attitude they say is contagious and Conte is avoiding a spread of it to other members of his playing squad in order to avoid a dressing room crisis.

Before the rains, the clouds gather and become thick-dark and so was Costa’s problems over the head of Conte and Chelsea. With more to lose than win, Conte acted in his best interest and that of the club to take out the bad egg. Things have really fallen apart. Let’s watch as the drama unfolds, hopefully there will be a happy ending. Cheers!

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