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The transfer frenzy is back again as the summer window opens. The rumours, speculations and deals will make up the headlines and keep fans glued to every story that graces the pages. The frenzy mounts from their club’s interest in players mooted by the media which amount to just a scam or the real deal. Both sides of the coin are the pros and cons player analysis which serve as a transfer guide.

Such is the case with Chelsea’s interest in re-signing Romelu Lukaku. Here are the pros and cons of re-signing him:


The Belgian and Everton striker was a young prodigy when Chelsea signed him from Anderlecht several years ago. The club sold him for £28m to Everton after successful stints at both West Brom and Everton. The big striker would be a good signing as he has shown himself to be perfectly suited to the Premier League over three seasons. His physical attributes makes him an imposing beast of a striker.

More so, his forward play is super. In 186 appearances in the league with Chelsea, West Brom and Everton, he has scored 85 goals and 28 assists. Quite an impressive stat for a player Jose Mourinho deemed not to be good enough for Chelsea.



The striker lacks the cutting edge to influence games. Most of his goals have come against lower opposition and average teams and very few against the big teams. Stats show that Lukaku has failed to repeat his prolific touch in the matches that matter most, with the Toffees front-man scoring only four goals in his last 33 appearances against the current top six. He has averaged 0.28 goals per game in the Premier League against them since 2012, a far cry from his record of 0.53 per game against the other 14. He lacks the dynamism to recreate himself in the attacking third when his team can’t create chances.

More so, he lacks the competitive attitude to thrive on the big stage at a big club. Does he have the right attitude to accept criticisms when his tail is down or maybe sit on the bench and be selfless for the team when the coach decides so for tactical reasons? On this issue, history suggests otherwise, here’s why he left Chelsea in 2013 as Jose revealed way back.

Jose Mourinho claims he sold Romelu Lukaku because he lacked the motivation to fight for his place.

“Romelu was always clear that in his mentality and his approach he was not highly motivated to come to a competitive situation at Chelsea,” Mourinho said in the Daily Mirror.

“He wanted to play for Chelsea, but clearly only as first-choice striker – and at a club of our dimension it’s very difficult to promise a player that status.”

Let’s keep the blue flag flying high. Cheers!

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