Chelsea striker Diego Costa has refused to return to Stamford Bridge after claiming he got a text message from Antonio Conte telling him he wasn’t part of his plans for the new season.

In a recent interview with Daily Mail, Costa claimed he has been treated like a criminal by Chelsea and threatened remain in exile for a YEAR if he does not get his wish to move back to Atletico Madrid.

Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has blasted Costa for his antics and has called on football authorities to take strong action against Costa.

“The player has reaped what he sowed. He had an altercation earlier in January, he fell out with a fitness trainer there and, whether it was his agent or himself, then started to wax lyrical about opportunities for himself in China at keys time in the season,” Jordan told talkSPORT.

“He was probably told by Chelsea he was able to move in the summer if he got his boots on and helped them win the Premier League, but it that doesn’t alter the fact that he was very disruptive at a key time in the season for Chelsea. Certain managers that have the courage of their convictions won’t forget that so he has reaped what he sowed.

“Here we are now where a manager by text, by phone, by carrier pigeon – who cares – told him he was surplus to requirements. That doesn’t mean that he then gets to go on strike, do exactly what he pleases and sit on a beach or at home on the other side of the world.

“What he gets to do as an employee of a football club, within reason, is to do as he is told, which is to get his backside back to the training ground, keep himself fit and not do exactly what he wants, which is bowl around in an Atletico Madrid shirt orchestrating a move he wants to get ultimately for reasons he has created by his attitude.

“Chelsea are well within their rights to take a stance. They are well within their rights to tell a player that he is no longer required.

“He should be yanked backed and the authorities should get involved. Where are the PFA? Where is Gordon Taylor and his £4million-a-year salary saying something about a player which is completely and utterly wrong.

“He should be back in England, he should be keeping himself fit, he should be doing his job. If he doesn’t do that, the authorities should get him for every single day that the slob doesn’t turn up for training.”

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