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One of the makings of a good striker is the ability to show up and score important goals when their team needs it most. Anyone can score, but can you repeat the feat when the chips seem down? Batshuayi has goalscoring abilities, but he seems to be short on confidence, and struggles when everyone expects him to deliver. That isn’t the way it should be. He has to be as good as the least important match in the most important ones.

Over the weekend in the absence of injured Morata, a lot of fans feared the Belgian may not be good enough for a replacement, but there were optimists like myself who believe in giving everyone a chance, and we thought that Batshuayi could at least be the right choice for the job. Not only were we wrong, we were also disappointed.

Throughout his over 50 minutes on the pitch, not once did he get a shot away; hitting the target was another issue entirely. In fact, his poor touches and overall contributions were so useless he was subbed before the 60 hour mark, and his substitute, Pedro made an instant impact on the game. He didn’t score, but I can’t imagine he could if he’d started ahead of Batshuayi.

Over midweek, against Roma, Batshuayi may get another chance to redeem himself, and prove he can truly compete and deputize for Morata (in the event that Morata isn’t fit to play), but even that depends on how less impressed Conte was with him the last time. If the coach isn’t on the same as those who think he deserves another chance, the forward might find himself languishing on the bench longer than he’ll want. And you can’t blame the man. Every coach’s intention is to win everyone. If certain players are going to jeopardise it, why not kick them to the side?

Hopefully, Batshuayi gets that nod, and makes it count because if he fails to impress again, he’ll have no one else to blame but himself for making less of this opportunity.

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