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Chelsea’s most expensive player, and perhaps signing of the summer, Alvaro Morata is sidelined for up to a month or 8 weeks reports say. This is coming after he sustained a tear in his hamstring against Manchester City. His absence will mean he will be stuck at 6 league goals pending his return to action, but that’s not all. Alvaro Morata’s absence for up to 8 weeks could mean more than just that.

The signings of Drinkwater and Zappacosta made it seem like we have squad in depth, when really, we’re still short in certain departments, especially in striking options. Michy Batshuayi Is the only other top striker Chelsea have, so how our season pans out in the next few weeks depends largely on his legs and health. What if he can’t score enough?

Last season, Diego Costa was solely responsible for winning us well over 15 points, and that’s because he was healthy, and in a good state of mind. This season, Morata has picked up where he left, scoring in almost every game. Batshuayi has done the same, but can he keep it up? That is the importance of having more than 2 top strikers at a club like Chelsea. Anything can happen, and you need the backup. If Batshuayi were to get any injuries, we would be striker- less for a month at least. It is not something we even want to imagine, because it would be a difficult situation.

Over the last summer, we had the opportunity to sign on a lot of top quality players, but delay and other reasons we can’t quite say cost us the opportunity. Now, we must manage this precarious situation carefully, while looking forward to January, and hopefully, we won’t make the same mistake twice.

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