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Eden Hazard’s quality as a star player has never been in doubt. From his days in Lille, in the French League, he was always a shining star with the potential to become a supernova. He won ‘player of the season’ title in France a couple of times before he came down to England, and In the English league, he’s been able to repeat that feat.

Last season, he had the chance to double the accolade, but for the form of N’Golo Kante. After a nightmarish 2014/15, Chelsea bounced back to win the league, and although the collective effort of the team was responsible for the title triumph, Hazard and Kante were more than exceptional. They both got the nod on ‘player of the year’s nominations, but Kante was the man that got the win eventually. Of course it was well deserved too, he was phenomenal. However, it was a loss for Hazard, who has over and over again been hailed as a potential successor to the world best duo of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Winning the ‘Player of the season’ award last season would have once more underlined his importance to football and perhaps boosted his recognition in global football rankings, but the loss means he’ll have to keep trying.

An injury lay off since the start of the season means he had to start a little behind schedule, and he’s taken time to adjust since his return. After starting only one game in the league, he is yet to score or make his usual impact, but he still has the time to change that.

As long as he stays injury free, he can turn the season around in his favour, and perhaps, own the year completely like he did three seasons ago. Already, he’s showing signs of his brilliance, after a man of the match performance for his home country, Belgium on Tuesday night. If he is able to keep it up, he can make the year work for him again.

Age is still on his side, but with more talented players springing up every other day, the faster he impresses, the better for him and his fans.

Ronaldo and messi are leaving their prime, meaning that the mantle will fall to players of Hazard’s calibre. He’s not the only good player out there, so he’ll have to up his game, and take advantage of the opportunity when it comes. Neymar and Cavani are catching attention in the French League, and have what it takes to fill the position of ‘World’s best player’.

Hazard must continually improve and be ready. Because to be honest, it’d be a shame for him not to be recognised at that level after everything he’s done in the past couple of years.

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