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Chelsea won Manchester United 1-0 on Sunday at Stamford Bridge but Chelsea legend Pat Nevin believes Chelsea should have won by a bigger margin as the 1-0 scoreline flattered Manchester United.

“The Chelsea spirit we have grown used to had been conspicuous by its absence of late, maybe in the second half over in Rome it was more obvious than at any other time and it was confounding,” Nevin wrote in Chelsea’s official website.

“Fortunately every scintilla of this squad’s spirit was right there and in your face from the first minute on Sunday against Manchester United, and a rather large communal sigh of relief was exhaled all round.

“The tactics were perfectly fine too, the boss seeing that a 3-5-1-1 would be a more stable structure at this precise moment. The return to form and to availability of a few big names doubtless helped in the mix as well and the group dynamic was, well dynamic.

“For all that you still needed to see the desire, the spirit and willingness to put every effort into every challenge and every run if we were going to see off United, and the lads certainly showed that.

“It was all there and it was just too much for Jose’s men to deal with, 1-0 was a very flattering score for them I felt.

“If we show the same spirit going forward then any concerns about qualification from our Champions League group stage will disappear very quickly and the battle to stay at least in the top four in the Premier League will also be a foregone conclusion.”

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