Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is furious Chelsea will have just one full-day to prepare for Saturday’s Premier League clash with Liverpool at Anfield despite the 11-round trip to Azerbaijan.

Liverpool have 24 hours extra to recover for Saturday’s clash due to the fact they play against Sevilla on Tuesday night.

Conte’s anger has been compounded by the fact that this is not the first time Chelsea have faced this scenario this season. The same scenario happened when Chelsea played Manchester City in September.

“I’m a bit surprised because, this season, it’s the second time that’s happened,” said Conte.

“The first time it was the same: against Manchester City, when we played on Wednesday away at Atletico Madrid and came back to London at 5am and then we played City on the Saturday, who had played the day before.

“Now ‘Liverpool are playing on Tuesday and we have to play on Wednesday against Qarabag, a long travel, a long trip.

“It will be very difficult for us to recover, to rest. Whoever prepared the fixtures for the league must pay great attention. Sometimes I think it’s right to give respect for our job.

“At this moment, England needs to try to understand this (issue) and change something.

“For a lot of time, there isn’t an English team playing a final in the Champions League. Why? The teams are very strong, and every team has the possibility to go through to the path to the Champions League (final).

“Whoever prepares the fixtures must try to change something. I think this is the best way for English football.”

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