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Some footballers are dispensable, no matter their talent, and a few are indispensable – they’re the very reason the game was created. This is exactly the category Francesc Fabregas Soler belongs to.

From his very humble beginnings, to his days at rivals, Arsenal, and Barcelona, he has always been special.

I may not have happily acknowledged it at the time because he wasn’t a part of Chelsea then, but I always knew he is a different kind of player. He’s not one of those ‘flash in a pan’ types, he is the footballer you live to remember.

I remember when he was announced as our first signing of the 2014/15 season, I was overly excited. Finally, the ‘pass master’ had arrived, and things were about change. Our midfield was about to take a different shape after a few seasons of struggles in that department.

And he did stay true to expectations, by helping us win the league in that same season. His partnership with then Striker, Diego Costa will continue to go down as one made in heaven.

Fast forward to 2017/18, and Fabregas is still making magic with his legs. He has overcome his difficult time from last season to reestablish himself as a key player in the Chelsea team, and his statistics so far show it.

Fabregas is a player who has proven his credentials in all the clubs he’s played for in both England and Spain. He may not be prolific with his scoring, but his passing knows no limits. His creative passes are his strongest weapons; it is no wonder in just 11 seasons playing professionally in England, he has broken almost every record there is. Just the last weekend, he assisted a goal for Alonso against West Brom, taking his tally of total number of players assisted to 42. That is 3 shy of 45 which is the highest in England, held by Ryan Giggs. The only difference is it took him a double of the number of seasons it took Fabregas to get there.

Even better about this legend’s story Is that he Is still only 30 years old, and has a few more years to cement his place in history as one of the greatest ever midfielders in the history of the sport in England, and set even more records within that time.

Football is used to celebrating the scorers and frontmen, and paying lesser attention to the ones that do so much from the middle. Cesc Fabregas is a living legend. A one of a kind, and years after he bows out, he will be difficult to replace.

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