Chelsea playmaker Cesc Fabregas was initially out of favour in Antonio Conte’s first season at Chelsea. This time last season, Fabregas had started only four competitive games for Chelsea but has since forced Conte to change his mind.

Fabregas has revealed he was worried he wasn’t part of Conte’s plans but is happy to have proved Conte wrong and made Conte trust him.

“I would be lying if said I wasn’t worried,” said Fabregas. “Maybe worried is not the right word but you can imagine, I wasn’t playing and not really part of his initial plans.

“At that point you can do one of two things, just give up and accept you’re not part of the team or the club in the future or what I did — put your head down, be humble, work hard and train hard every day, and show him that he’s wrong and that he can trust me to play in this team.

“Every time I had an opportunity I gave my all, I delivered and from then on we started to create a relationship.

“Now I can say our relationship is fantastic. I understand his philosophy and must say I am very proud of this and also very happy I am where I want to be and that’s all down to belief and trust and hard work.

Fabregas also revealed he had to adapt to Conte’s method and philosophy in training and be fitter, work harder and adapt defensively to a new role.

“That’s what I did,” Fabregas added. “Physically, I feel, not better than ever because it’s been many years and don’t remember exactly, but the fittest I’ve been in the last few years.

“At the beginning of last season, the boss never trusted me in every game in a 3-4-3 system and now he does.

“You never stop learning in football and that’s what I’m doing. I’m learning a lot. Very proud, very happy and hopefully it’s not the end. There is much more to come.

“I am only 30. What is that? It is nothing, I’m very young. I really mean it, especially the way I play, in my position, you can go for many more years, I can tell you many cases.

“I have a year left, but let’s see what happens. I’m where I want to be, enjoying my football, playing week in and week out and I want to enjoy that. When the moment comes to talk I’ll be here, ready for it.”

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