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Earlier on Tuesday evening, we took on league new boys, Brighton, in Boxing day action, and we overcame them. Not only was it a very comprehensive and well- earned win, we also kept a clean sheet. That is a rarity these days for us.

The goals from that encounter came courtesy of Alonso and Morata (in no particular order), and I have to say the Spanish boys have been doing wonders for Chelsea. When they’re not scoring, they’re assisting. Speaking of goals, the one Spaniard that has repeatedly provided them for us this season is new kid, Alvaro Morata. The 24 year old has now been on the scoresheet 12 times for us this season.

Of course he could be a few goals better, except he’s had to contend with niggling injury problems every now and then.

Morata’s goals have been a combination of his feet and head, although he appears to be scoring them with his head more. His goal against Brighton was another wonderful one from his head, and he now has managed 12 goals from the head in the past one year; better than any other player in Europe.

Earlier this season, some of us were of the thought that he should use his feet more than he presently does, but honestly, I don’t see why that’s a problem. Football is a result-oriented sport and as long as the goals keep coming, it doesn’t matter how he scores them.

What Morata has shown more than anything is that he’s a multi- talented and complete player who’s not limited in any way. Wherever the ball falls for him, he’s ready to dispatch it to the net (head or feet). Even Diego Costa who was a great man upfront couldn’t boast of this much skill.

Players get better with time, so we can only imagine what Morata will bring to the table in the coming seasons. With the combination of his head and feet, goals shouldn’t be in short supply at Stamford Bridge.

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