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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte seems to be at loggerhead with the Chelsea board over transfers.

Conte has suggested on numerous occasions that he has little to do with Chelsea’s transfers and has indirectly blamed the Chelsea board for the club’s failures.

“About the transfer market, from the summer, the club decides every single player that comes here,” Conte said last night after Chelsea’s 2-1 defeat to Arsenal.

“My first task is to do my job, to be a coach and to try to improve my players.

“For sure, I don’t have a big impact on the transfer market.”

However, reports claim that Chelsea hierarchy are unhappy with Conte’s criticisms.

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Chelsea is more than just a football club to me; it's a passion I share, and my affinity with the Chelsea badge is one that will last forever. As far as watching my favourite team is concerned, I'd rather miss a meal than miss a Chelsea game.


  1. They ought to be happy, because of what the board do. how can chelsea board lack sight in the transfer market that was just ended ? This guys that conte uses are very tired and they need rest, yet the board will not give any concern about it. all they want is good result. good result when you fail to do the needful? please spare my coach conte, he is the best coach chelsea ever have and will the best coach chelsea will never want to loose. Blue is the color. i support the blue whether we won or not.

  2. Does anyone wonder why Chelsea is performing below average? Well, I have come up with three reasons: Who is this I? I am one of Chelsea’s fans from the United States of America but am Lecturing at Jiujiang University, China. The result of our game versus Bournemouth prompted me to make few comments. First, the absence of David Luz has caused some problems in the defense. I hope his absence is predicated on injuries. Why does the coach think Andreas is a better central defender than David? Second, who force Diego Costa out of Chelsea? Since his untimely departure, Chelsea has consistently had striker problems. Third, the midfield who instigated Matic transfer to Man United? Matic coordinated well with Kante. Until we get these three problem areas corrected, Chelsea will continue to have problems and might run the risk of losing the fourth position.

    • Christopher Kaluba | February 4, 2018 at 9:12 pm |

      I agree with you mr Thomas. The combination of kante and bakayoko i sn’t helping like it was with matic and this thing with Cahil I don’t like like it he’s performance is putting us in big problems.

  3. I am a patriotic Blues from Sierra Leone. Am disgusted with Chelsea’s transfer protocols. Areas with issues highlighted by the coach which are to be addressed are never listened to by the board. But when the team lose, blame and criticism is apportioned to conte. Can we revisit this so-called polices and reactivate the joy love and glory our true Blues. The issue is not Conte, get the players he wants to do the job and castigate him later if found wanting. My blood is running blue…….. there4, my happiness is victory always. Other than that, am afraid to watch Barcelona game.

  4. Dominic K. Forson | February 3, 2018 at 5:51 am |

    I’m a loyal Chelsea fan from Ghana. I’m wondering why the board is angry at Conte for dishing out a portion of the disappointment to them. When a match fails to yeild the expected result isn’t it the coach who takes the blame?
    And if the the board claims Conte’s primary job as a coach is to improve on players and not to spearhead the transfer market for the team, then who do we blame when the needed palyers are not brought to the team? The coach???
    Certainly NOT! He can’t be blamed all the time for things he has little to no control over. The board should accept the dishing in good fate! You haven’t really helped much with this season’s transfers. It breaksy heart to see Chelsea under perform! We only end up frustrating the very players we wish to improve… And may lose them to better teams, sooner or later.

  5. The board members should all resign

  6. We still need attacker,let conte try girou for monday night football with Watford, our last selection at home with bounmouth is poor

  7. Bringing another coach will nt help at all…
    Conte is the best for now…
    Only one(1) things Chelsea need to do to bring back their winning race…
    i) chelsea should change thire formation from 3 4 3 to any formation there will like to adopt quickly before the end of d season…

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