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Photo: OLI SCARFF/AFP/Getty Images

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville insists Chelsea weren’t brave in our 1-0 loss to Manchester City on Sunday.

“Chelsea haven’t been brave today,” Neville said.

“We see year in, year out there are many, many teams who have to play deeper because they’re playing against a superior team. I was critical of Newcastle before Christmas because I thought in the first half hour of that game, the intent was really poor.

“But this is woeful from Chelsea. It really is. In terms of a Premier League game it’s unacceptable. That has nothing to do with solidity or shape of the team they are playing, it is just the intent.

“Look at them. When I’m sat in this seat you always think, “Am I calling it wrong or am I being too harsh?” There is no part of me that can watch this and think this is right. It just is not right.”

“They’re just watching Manchester City play; they’re like mannequins… it is painful to watch, this,” Neville added.

“I’ve been quiet for about four minutes just watching this is and whatever happens this is unacceptable

“Conte is screaming. I’m not sure who he’s screaming at. It could be any of them. This is unacceptable by Chelsea. Absolutely unacceptable.”

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