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For the entirety of this season, Manchester City have been next to flawless. They have won games cleanly, and beaten teams with ease. They have been first on the league table for months, and that is only a reflection of their performances thus far.

All season, only one team had beaten them in the league, and even on that occasion, they were close to getting a draw. It only took a miracle for Liverpool to escape with the win.

Manchester City have also come up against other top teams like Tottenham, United and Chelsea. They bested us all, and humiliated some.

Both our games against them were very one- sided, as they controlled the game, and should have won with a more disturbing scoreline. Our fixtures against them were a disappointment, and one we’ll want to forget for a long time.

On Sunday, Manchester United visited the Etihad, in a game that many had already given to the home side. And true to their predictions, in just over 20 minutes, City were 2 goals to the good. They looked like they were about to run away with it, but then, magic happened. United dug deep, and turned the game on its head. 3 quick goals from the visitors gave them the match, and City were left with broken hearts.

City had everything to play for, as they could have wrapped up the league on Sunday, but United had just their reputation to play for. They couldn’t afford to be the team that gave Manchester City the title, so they fought to deny them.

Considering we’re current Champions of the EPL, one would expect us to put up this kind of attitude to games, no matter the magnitude. Instead, we have played with so much less drive and determination. We have lost fixtures we should have won, and have feared big opposition.

That is not champion stuff! Knowing that there’s almost been a reversal of positions on the log is heartbreaking. How did we get here? How did we lose the type of grit, determination and zest that kept us going last season, and seasons before?

Of course, everyone hits a low point sometimes, but the important thing is how you react to it. We have not reacted positively to our loss of form this season, and that is the reason we have continued to fall.

If we can borrow a leaf from the book United used to play City on Sunday, there’s no doubt things could get better. We’re probably not going to qualify for the Champions League next season, but if we start now to prepare and re-strategize, next season wouldn’t be as terrible as this has.

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