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In an interview with Daily Mail, Chelsea loanee Kenedy talks about his difficult beginnings in his native Brazil.

“We couldn’t afford pictures so I used to make newspaper cuttings of my idols — Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Adriano — and put them all over the walls,” Kenedy told Daily Mail. “My sister did not say too much, because my dad loved football just as much as me!

Kenedy’s mother, Elisandra, wasn’t too fond of her son’s obsession for football.

“She did not want me playing all day,” Kenedy added. “I once escaped the house and she locked the door to leave me outside. When I was finally allowed back in, she screamed all night!”

Kenedy also revealed he had no boots while growing up.

“I did not have shoes or football boots,” Kenedy explains.

“We played in bare feet. We didn’t have a doctor, so if you broke a toe or cut your foot, you just carried on until the game finished. Then you went home and put it in ice!

“Whoever won the game got a bottle of Coca-Cola from the losers…and I always won. We used two big stones as goalposts and played all day and night, or at least until the owner of the ball wanted to go home, and that was that.”

Did he ever own the ball? “Never,” he replies. “We didn’t have the money.”

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