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Football players are born every day, but great ones come once in a while. They are so rare that we have no choice, but to appreciate them when they come around.

Eden Hazard has been at Chelsea since 2012, and every season since that time, he has shown he is a player with an exceptional quality — even when he supposedly isn’t at his very best.

The current campaign has seemed a little off for him according to critics, judging by the overall form of the team, but in reality, he has actually improved in certain areas of his game. Stats show that the Belgian has increased his chances created per game ratio, as well as on attempts at goal per game.

In our game against Tottenham, the Belgian created more chances (6) than any other player, even though the scoreline didn’t reflect it. Of course, that wasn’t the only time; throughout our disappointing season, he has been the most outstanding, and it has remained so even up until now.

On Sunday, he again, showed why he is not on the same level as most players in the EPL. He didn’t get a goal (even though he should have), but he was involved in both goals. His well- laid pass to Giroud led to the opening goal, and he was also indirectly involved in the second.

For me, Hazard’s only inadequacy is in the goal-scoring department, but even that is improving. Last season, he recorded his highest tally for us (19), and this season he is well on – course to at least match it. With a little more work, he should be hitting the over 20 goals a season mark in the near future.

That said, Eden Hazard is without a doubt, the best thing to have happened to us in a long time. He deserves to one day be celebrated as the best in the world, like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and I have no fears it will happen soon.

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