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Former Chelsea boss Ruud Gullit has revealed he blames Roman Abramovich and not Antonio Conte for Chelsea’s failure to qualify for the Champions League next season.

According to Gullit, Abramovich is too quick to hire and fire managers and that always creates a doubt in the manager’s future.

“The main problem at Chelsea is that the coach’s future is always in doubt in the second year,” Gullit said as quoted on The Sun.

“Even if you win the title in the first year it is almost guaranteed you will be sacked the following season.

“Winning the title is almost like signing your resignation letter. You might as well leave straight after holding up the trophy.

“I don’t know what the reasons for this are — but I know it creates instability and I know it happens every time.

“The only one not to be sacked in his second season was Claudio Ranieri — and he didn’t win anything!”

Gullit added: “The fact that Chelsea have missed out on the Champions League is a huge problem for them, especially with the budget they have.

“They would have needed to qualify for the Champions League to claw some money back. It is almost like a lost season for them, so while winning the FA Cup would be a plus, it would still only be like a little plaster on a big gaping wound.

“I still think Chelsea have good players but, as ever, the worst part about the club is the rumours that keep coming out about the coach’s future.

“Let me tell you that, as a coach, that is not helping you at all.

“So I don’t blame Conte so much for the way things have gone.

“There has been too much unrest at the club again this season.

“It started way back in the summer with not getting new players and that led to rumours Conte is going to leave. That is not good.

“The ones to blame are the people responsible for these rumours starting, the ones who have caused these problems.

“You just don’t need that at a football club and it has not helped the team at all, especially the ones in the locker room who don’t play.

“They suddenly become a disruptive influence the moment they hear the coach could be about to leave.”

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  1. Hi all the blue family,firstly congrats for lifting FA cup and as a die hard fan wish the club more main concern is chelsea board think n reflect the repercussion of firing and hiring a will cost the club dearly little or average profits will be realised and at one point u will have massive exodus of players.dnt wish that but i foresee that one day.let there be proper justification before firing a manager.i like conte its just that things have not moved to expectation.give conte a chance and let him be a longterm manager,coz player attitude changes with different coaches every two seasons.

  2. Ngoe Marcel | May 21, 2018 at 12:51 am |

    I don’t see any problem with conte the only problem i see is on the side of the board who don’t allocate enough money to lobby good players

  3. A good coach sees a strategy that doesn’t work and changes it. He’s never afraid of whoever the opponent is, gets his team’s support and confidence almost all the time, above all, is not vindictive/keeps malice… That’s Antonio Conte this season! Except if he’ll change for Cfc’s benefit, I say he should go!!!

  4. If you want conte to go the same will happen to the new coach coming in, just like Ruud Gullit said the board is responsible, I remember During the season Conte asked the board to come out and talk to end these unrest rumours but they didn’t. There is these notion that the press have about Chelsea that coaches leave by the second year and they capitalize on it. These has to stop , we need stability. There are few better coaches than conte out there, not every player will get along with a coach. Conte loves the job and the club and he has stated several times, let the board sit down with him find a solution for next season

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