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It’s over a month since the end of last season, and yet the air of uncertainty still breezes around the club. The unrecognised approach in the managerial saga is certainly a turn off for the Chelsea supporters. To make matters worse no news of transfer activity is absolutely insane for the fans to bear.

The club is gradually shifting from being a house of confusion into a mad house. Nothing seems to give any indication that the club is working in the right direction. Gradually, this is affecting the mentality of the players, making them feel insecure and waiting to get assurances with regards to the club’s ambition. One player who has made it clear that he needs to be sure about Chelsea’s plans is our mercurial and talismanic player, Eden Hazard. His recent comment while on duty with Belgium at the World Cup is a warning on what could happen if the club don’t act fast. He said: “I do not want to talk about transfers right now. I have been asked so many times about that. I am focused on the World Cup.

“But, as I said before, I won everything in London except the Champions League. If I’m here in my career, it’s thanks to Chelsea.

“It would be too easy to say: I want to leave because I have done everything. It is for that before everything that I would really like to know what will happen at the club next year.

“I am waiting to see if the coach stays or leaves.

“If I stay, it will be because the team will be better than the season we have just had. I do not want to stay if we are less good.

“Real Madrid can interest me, everyone knows it.

“But if tomorrow this club does not want me, we will not talk about it anymore.

“If they want to buy me, they know what to do.

“Go there for the sake of it… no. It takes a project. I still have a project in Chelsea. If I have a good World Cup, things will be easier.”

Here are 3 reasons Chelsea need him to commit his long-term future to the club:


Undeniably, Hazard is Chelsea’s most valuable player, and if the club desires to succeed in the coming years then he’s the ideal player to build the team around. Losing him will definitely give a boost to the club’s financial statement, but it will further diminish our star player rating. The last thing any supporter wants to hear is that we sell our best player in this crazy transfer market where getting a replacement is not only difficult, but also very expensive.


With other clubs already hovering around the likes of Willian, N’Golo Kante, Thibaut Courtois and several others, selling Hazard and not getting him to commit his long-term future at the club will prove disastrous. First, it will send a wrong message to the football world that we are a selling club. That’s the interpretation, considering the fact he’s our best player. Other players will also be pushing for a way out of the club believing since we can’t keep our best players, there will be no need for them to remain at Chelsea.


What makes a big club big if not big players that can make it more competitive? If Chelsea really want to maintain an elite status and be regarded as a big and competitive club, then we must do all within our powers to keep Hazard at the club. His signing will not only send a clear message of intent and ambition, but will inspire others to sign and reinvigorate the team.

Let’s hope for the best. Cheers!

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