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The World Cup 2018 is officially starting on June 14. A lot of teams are putting final touches to preparations, to be at their best when the tournament finally starts, and perhaps win it. 32 teams will be vying for the ultimate prize, but only one will win it.  And while every team stands a chance ideally, on paper, only a few would truly fight for the trophy till the end.

One of the reasons we love the World Cup isn’t because of the interesting array of football on display, it is also an avenue for talents in the sport to show themselves. There are a lot of players who are great at football who we don’t know yet, but will definitely know come the World Cup. There are also of course, those we are already looking forward to watching play. It is beautiful really.

If there’s one player I personally look forward to seeing in Russia, it would have to be Eden Hazard. Obviously, the man isn’t the best in the world yet, but he has what it takes. He is such a talented player, and one everyone loves to watch him play. He has been compared with the very best in the world, and I think he does deserve the credit.

So far, the man has won everything in football, except the World Cup and the Champions League. He will be getting a chance to fight, and perhaps add the former to his trophy cabinet. If he wins the competition, it would even add more credibility and respect to his already great profile.

As we know, the World Cup is a big yardstick for measuring a player’s importance and performance. Some of the greatest players in the world will be eager to impress and lift the cup in the end. For me, it would be great to see anyone of our players’ country win the tournament, but it would be even more exciting to see Hazard win it for his career’s sakes.

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